Mzukisi Qobo

OPINION| Energy security and geopolitics: Why nuclear power makes sense

Coal commits climate sins so wind and solar energy are good alternatives but suffer intermittency — and now the European Union is reclassifying nuclear as green energy

South Africa can damn Putin and stay non-aligned in the West

South Africa’s silence on Russian aggression is a blot on its commitment to international law and our country’s history

Skills crunch in the state? Use outside experts

Advisers – not consultants – can help close critical gaps in government where the loss of key skills leaves the president desperately needing to enhance the state’s capacity to secure his reforms

What will it take to halt institutional decay and defend the rule of law?

Selfless leaders and engaged citizens must protect their nations from seeping into failure during their transition to democracy

2022 must be a year of action

The government’s most urgent to-do list: vaccinate, stimulate the economy, and return the rule of law

Coalition of the disastrous with the unpalatable

What do the outcomes of the local government polls portend for the general elections in 2024?

South Africa must approach its energy transition pragmatically

A sensible climate policy must balance the imperative of decarbonisation, socioeconomic policy and security of supply considerations

Resilience is forged in the crucible of crisis

Some countries are placing the state at the centre to battle the problems caused by Covid-19 rather than relying solely on the markets

How can we rebuild South Africa’s ethical foundations?

Our previously great reputation as the ‘land of Mandela’ has been tarnished by increasing state corruption and poor moral standards

As the ANC crumbles, it’s time to choose

Voting for an opposition party is a realistic option, but they must work on their policies

After the downgrade: SA should copy Brazil and impeach its president

The best chance SA has of recovering from sub-investment grade credit rating status is to have leaders who are prepared to break rank.

South Africa can’t compete globally without fixing its attitude to maths

Radical interventions in maths and science are needed now or the country will never become a player in the fourth industrial revolution.

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