Nadine Hutton

Art goes public in Cape Town in a big way

Public art is gathering momentum, even as funding budgets are slashed and is taking over the Cape Town city centre.

The paparazzi games

Nadine Hutton writes about her collaborative photographic exhibition that takes a satrical look at the mass-media freak show.

‘Ek het geval …’

''Grabbing the handle of his grandly titled 'Service provider to Mondi Recycling Waste Paper Dealer' trolley, he heads off along the dark road in search of valuable refuse. His most fertile gathering ground is the OK Bazaars in the centre of Danville.'' Photojournalist Nadine Hutton experiences the lives of South Africa's poor whites from the inside.

E.T. in the saddle: Poetry and commotion

Waiting impatiently for Eugene Terre'Blanche to be released into society last Friday, Attila the black stallion was behaving badly. And shortly before being mounted, he opened his bowels, sending a stream of urine and shit across the Potchefstroom street. A new South Africa united in laughter as onlookers, black and white, stepped quickly aside to avoid Attila's spillage.

Daddy and Dada don’t mix

''Singapore has a reputation as a sterile, high-rise dystopia where even chewing bubblegum is outlawed and shopping is king. Now the government is expending huge quantities of energy and money creating an arts scene out of what many see as a cultural wasteland.'' When Nadine Hutton was invited to photograph Singapore's art scene, she found a city thriving on a culture of public relations.

Rev Tightnuts cons the conmen

An enterprising 'scam-baiter' runs a website that ensnares 419 email fraudsters, turning the tables on the crooks. Estimated to be a -million industry, Rev Tightnuts of the Holy Church of St Gullible got his own back recently.

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