Nam You-Sun

In search of real Gangnam style

Hundreds of millions have watched the dance and listened to the song - most without understanding a word - but few have any idea what "Gangnam" is.

Extinction fears dominate global conservation forum

The world's largest conservation forum has opened in South Korea with warnings that reckless development was ruining the planet's natural health.

South Korea turns up the heat on smokers

After decades of indifference government is turning up the heat on smokers in South Korea, a nation with one of the highest male smoking rates.

No change to false start rule, insists IAAF

Despite the furore that surrounded the disqualification of Usain Bolt from the world 100m final, the IAAF refuses to change the false start rule.

A walk on the wild side — near North Korea’s border

"Hurray!" a group of students yells exuberantly after cresting a green mountain peak and taking out cameras to snap the scenery.

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