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Wealthy Thais use stem cell bank for hi-tech life insurance

Some wealthy Thais are using a medical bank that saves stem cells from a baby's umbilical cord in hopes of providing a cure to major illnesses.

Tourists turn away from Thailand amid political uncertainty

Asian tourists have begun turning away from Thailand, official statistics show, prompting concern that holidaymakers might be avoiding the kingdom because of its continuing political woes. The number of tourists arriving from East Asia dropped by 7,3% in the first two months of the year.

Stem-cell bank becomes high-tech life insurance

Thai parents often mark the birth of a child by heading to a bank to set up a savings account. Now some wealthy Thais are using a different kind of bank they hope will help protect their children's future well-being -- a medical bank that saves stem cells from a baby's umbilical cord in hopes of providing a cure to any major illnesses that could develop later in life.

New fears for Thai economy after Bangkok blasts

Thai shares sank on the first morning of trade after the deadly New Year's Eve bombings in Bangkok, raising fears that the attacks could drag down the faltering economy. The blasts that killed three and wounded 38 raised new fears about Thailand's security and added to doubts about the post-coup government.

Thai king’s presence turns village into tourism hub

Once a simple fishing village, Hua Hin has evolved into one of Thailand's bustling tourism gems thanks largely to the presence of a revered resident: King Bhumibol Adulyadej. Just a few hours drive from Bangkok, Hua Hin is an alternative to Pattaya, a nearby beach resort best known for its thriving sex tourism.

Gunman kills two noisy World Cup fans in Thailand

Thai police were on Thursday hunting for a gunman who shot dead two noisy World Cup fans at point-blank range after they ignored his request to be quiet, a police official said. The gunman was sitting next to 10 Thai football fans who watched Monday's Italy-Ghana match on TV at a restaurant in the popular seaside resort of Pattaya, 70km south-east of Bangkok.

Tourists shun hotels to stay with Thai families

When Brian Hauff came to visit Thailand, he decided against a resort hotel and joined the increasing number of foreigners who are staying in the homes of local villagers instead. "I came directly to Thailand to learn more intimate Thai in terms of culture," says the 58-year-old.

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