Nasseem Ackbarally

Water in Mauritius: Waste not, want not

Mauritius at present enjoys plentiful piped potable water from its 2 000mm average annual rainfall, but large amounts of water are wasted.

HIV hits drug users in Mauritius

In contrast to the rest of Southern Africa, intravenous drug users have become the group most vulnerable to the transmission of HIV in Mauritius. This has led the Mauritian government to introduce a syringe- and needle-exchange programme in a bid to stem HIV infection among Mauritian drug users.

Foreign workers in Mauritius face torrid time

Fifteen years after they first came to Mauritius, ''guest workers'' from China, India and Bangladesh still face resistance to their efforts to improve the difficult conditions under which they live and work under. About 30 000 foreign workers, more than half of them women, are working in Mauritius.

Mauritius looks west

Mauritius may be one of the world's most glamorous destinations, but agriculturally speaking, there's not that much of it to go around. As a result, the island's government and farmers have begun looking west -- to the far larger, neighbouring island of Madagascar. For the Malagasy administration, this holds out the promise of increased investment.

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