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Palestinians eye changes to key accord with Israel

The Palestinian Authority has formally asked Israel for talks on changing the Paris Protocol governing economic ties between the two sides.

Palestinians make historic United Nations appeal

Palestine's President Mahmud Abbas made history in his people's long quest for statehood as he asked the UN to admit Palestine as a full member state.

Palestinian leaders end four-year feud

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal buried the hatchet at a Cairo reconciliation ceremony on Wednesday.

Palestinians applaud unity deal as Israel growls

A surprise deal to end decades of rivalry between Fatah and Hamas was on Thursday welcomed by the Palestinian leadership, but denounced by Israel.

Palestinians remember Arafat amid brewing crisis

Thousands of Palestinians gathered on Wednesday to mark five years since the death of their iconic leader, Yasser Arafat.

Fatah elects new guard at landmark congress

Fatah elected a new generation of leaders at its first congress in 20 years, including a popular militant jailed in Israel.

Fatah to renew leadership in 20-year first

Fatah members were preparing on Friday to elect a new leadership for the first time in 20 years, hoping to breathe new life into the party.

Rows erupt as Palestinian president’s party meets

The second day of Fatah's first congress in 20 years was marked by acrimonious rows on Wednesday as delegates demanded accountability.

New Palestinian Cabinet may end aid boycott

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas was set to swear in a new Cabinet in the West Bank on Sunday, further sealing the divide sparked by the bloody seizure of the Gaza Strip by his Islamist rivals. Palestinian officials hope the creation of an emergency Cabinet without Hamas will lead to the lifting of a crippling Western aid boycott.

Israel arrests Hamas Cabinet members

Israel seized Hamas leaders and stepped up its Gaza assault on Thursday, intensifying the pressure on Palestinians over the capture of a soldier that threatens to spiral into regional conflict. The body of a Jewish settler abducted by militants was also found dumped in the West Bank, adding to the tensions in the crisis between Israel and the Palestinians.

Abbas announces referendum

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas announced a referendum fiercely opposed by the Hamas government on Saturday as the Islamists ended an 18-month truce with a barrage of rockets at Israel. The first-ever Palestinian referendum will take place on July 26, according to the decree signed by Abbas and read out to reporters.

Abbas calls referendum on Palestinian statehood

Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas was headed for a showdown with the Hamas government after winning the green light on Tuesday to hold a referendum on implicitly recognising Israel. The decision by the executive committee of the Palestine Liberation Organisation to endorse his referendum plan came despite opposition from Hamas.

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