Neil Chatterjee

US says it will not accept North Korea as nuclear state

United States Defence Secretary Robert Gates said on Saturday the United States would not accept a nuclear-armed North Korea.

Oil eases after topping $80 on supply fears

Oil prices dipped on Thursday but held near the previous day's record high above a barrel, as dealers watched a hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico after a sharp fall in United States crude stocks. US crude traded 12 cents lower at ,79 a barrel by 8.39am GMT, after climbing ,68 on Wednesday, when it hit a record of ,18.

Opec needs clear demand signals for spare capacity

The Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (Opec) cartel scolded consuming nations on Tuesday for forcing it to spend billions on spare crude production capacity while sending confusing policy signals on future demand. Opec has an estimated 100 exploration and production projects with investment in the region of -billion to meet rising demand.

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