Nick Coleman

Gazprom: Ukraine preparing to divert gas

Russian gas monopoly Gazprom accused the Ukraine on Wednesday of planning to siphon off gas that Russia transits through Ukrainian territory to the European Union, as a payment dispute escalated. Ukraine is the main transit route for Russian supplies to the European Union and a previous such dispute in 2006 led to knock-on disruption in EU countries.

G8 ministers debate world economy

The world's most-influential finance chiefs convened in Saint Petersburg on Saturday and were to call for greater international cooperation on energy policies and increased investment in the energy sector, according to a draft text of their statement.

Belarus’ opposition seeks way forward

Depleted by a wave of arrests, Belarus' opposition movement is seeking ways to regroup after week-long protests were broken up by a state apparatus determined to defend President Alexander Lukashenko. Authorities at a detention centre outside Minsk finally confirmed that they had in detention Alexander Kozulin, an opposition candidate at the March 19 presidential election.

Belarus leader clinches new term, opposition cries foul

Belarussian President Alexander Lukashenko clinched a third term in office on Monday but opponents blasted the vote as an "unconstitutional seizure of power" and the European Union said stronger sanctions against the Belarussian leadership were likely.

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