Nicolas Delaunay

Nairobi attack highlights ‘new generation’ of Shabab recruits

Somalia's Al-Qaeda affiliate has mainly used recruits from Kenya's ethnic Somali community or coastal Muslim communities

As Kagame steps down, Egypt takes helm at African Union

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi will officially take over the post of head of the AU which rotates between the five regions of the continent

On Lake Victoria ferries, passengers pray and hope for the best

The sinking of the MV Nyerere has highlighted the risks for the thousands of residents, forced to use overcrowded or poorly maintained boats

Turkana dreams die in the drought

The discovery of oil and an aquifer led to rash promises of change in the arid area ravaged by regular dry periods

Slumdogs dream big league

Ghetto superstars have broken through Kibera’s tin roof to make it to Kenya’s second division.

Somalia must tread warily

The popular new president will have to negotiate a minefield to fulfil expectations.

Cannabis chaos as Dutch city flouts drug tourist ban

Authorities in the Maastricht are striking back after some cafes staged an open revolt by selling marijuana to foreigners in defiance of a ban.

Cash-strapped ICC criticised over militia leader’s acquittal

The International Criminal Court's acquittal of a Congolese militia leader on war crimes charges has sparked a storm of criticism.

Call for ‘virtual’ child porn stirs Dutch debate

A call by two Dutch sexologists for "virtual" child pornography to be legalised so as to assuage paedophiles' desires has sparked fierce debate.

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