Nicoli Nattrass

The thought police at UCT should address transformation, not pass a judgment of racism

My analysis has led the Institute for Communities and Wildlife in Africa to have a stronger focus on topics that have a clear bearing on social justice, conservation and community conservancies

​Don’t blame neoliberalism, blame the state

It’s not the private sector that’s failing our poor. It’s badly executed public policy that’s at fault.

Low-wage producers create jobs

Successive government plans emphasise the need for job creation but industrial and labour market policies are biased against labour-intensive growth.

Now in fiction: the president on Aids

We all rewrite our personal histories. Putting positive spins on past defeats, deliberately forgetting embarrassing relationships and adapting our views are quintessentially human activities. But it is a far more serious matter when the political history of a head of state is revised and fictionalised, writes Nicoli Nattrass

Don’t hold your breath

Finally, the government has agreed to roll out an anti-retroviral drug programme, which Nicoli Nattrass believes should be implemented immediately, while Peter Barron cautions against the rush.

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