Nimrod Mabuza
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/ 29 January 2007

Swaziland cracks down on corruption

Under severe international and domestic pressure, Swazi Prime Minister Themba Dlamini recentlymoved swiftly to crack down on rampant corruption in Swaziland. Police arrested eight people, including senior government officials in the ministry of finance and directors of private companies involved in the plundering of R50-million that the state had set aside for capacity building.

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/ 13 November 2006

Swaziland’s image task team

Worried about the country’s dented image and the slump in the economy, the government of Swaziland has appointed a team of eminent persons to advise both King Mswati III and his government on economic and business issues. The mandate for the team of 20, is to advise the king and government on political issues as well as on measures to encourage economic growth and curb poverty.

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/ 4 November 2006

Swazi political talks scuppered

Historic talks between the Swazi government and the National Constitutional Assembly (NCA) on the country’s political system came to a halt this week when the government invited intelligence officers from the Royal Swaziland Police to attend the talks. The talks were initiated after the NCA, circulated a petition last week criticising the country’s new constitution, which came into effect in February this year.