Niniek Karmini

Bali bomber’s lawyers want charges scrapped

Lawyers for the man who helped assemble bombs used in the 2002 nightclub blasts in Bali say the charges against him are obscure and should be dropped.

Obama makes long-awaited return to Indonesia

After two years of waiting, Indonesians are finally getting the chance to welcome back their adopted son.

Indonesia issues high alert for killer volcano

Indonesia warned on Tuesday that one of its most deadly volcanoes was poised to erupt and ordered nearly 30 000 villagers on the mountain's slopes to evacuate. Mount Kelud, which has been rumbling for weeks, was placed on the highest alert level, meaning scientists believe a major eruption is imminent.

Indonesia plans to disinfect flooded capital

People camped out in shelters or with relatives in Indonesia's flood-hit capital began returning to homes on Saturday to clear away mud and debris, as authorities took advantage of receding waters to remove piles of wet garbage from the streets. Much of the city remains inundated following the worst floods in memory.

Ferry survivors found after nine days at sea

Fourteen people on board a ferry that sank in Indonesia were picked up by a passing cargo ship after spending nine days on a life raft, a rescue official said on Monday. The Senopati Nusantara car ferry had 628 people on board when it sunk late on December 29 in the Java Sea.

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