Nkosinathi Chonco

Transformation beyond gimmicks

Broad-based BEE has an educational value among the public because it generates an interest in the stock exchange and what companies do.

Beneficiaries must drive BEE

Black people must become familiar with what and how the empowerment process delivers.

How much is enough?

Black people in business still have to jump through too many hoops, says Nkosinathi Chonco.

In spirit as well as letter

Broad-based empowerment and material transformation must become the new business as usual, says Nkosinathi Chonco.

Back to the boardroom for BEE

It has been interesting to read what many commentators are saying about how the ANC palace coup is going to influence the essence, policy, strategy and implementation of broad-based BEE under the watch of the new regime.

Transformation post-Polokwane

Polokwane has come but, apparently, not gone, which might not be such a bad thing. And muted reverberations predict more drastic consequences. In the build-up to the conference, predictions and expectations were the order of the day, writes Nkosinathi Chonco.

‘Tis the season for corporate giving

Staying away from Polokwane's excitement, I thought that in the spirit of the season we should look at the giving that corporate South Africa should be doing. This happens through corporate social investment/responsibility (CSI/R), or whatever title it might be given.

In the long term

Business prides itself on being able to take a long-term view. We would do well to apply the same competencies to dealing with transformation. Here are some suggestions. The problem of finding black suppliers would be hugely alleviated if we were committed to enterprise development. This provides an opportunity for businesses to create, mentor and sustain their own suppliers, writes Nkosinathi Chonco.

Banding together

The Black Management Forum (BMF) has expressed its desire to create proper opportunities to talk about serious issues around transformation. A conference once a year is simply not sufficient, it says. The alternate euphoria and depression resulting from the outcomes of conferences of this sort seem to impose a constraint on us from doing a thorough appraisal of it.

When are we empowered?

When is a company empowered? For me, this goes beyond a mere stamp of verification. It is when there is a sustained sense that there are no unfair obstacles preventing you from realising your potential. As this is a sustained state, there is no need to celebrate occasional events of affirmation, writes Nkosinathi Chonco

Not an event, but a process

Like BEE, transformation is a complex, emotive and potentially divisive process, but its benefits far outstrip the risks. Empowerment evokes various and contrasting emotions among those involved in the process -- "process" is the watchword, rather than event. I fear this process is being undermined by those beneficiaries who view it as an event.

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