Nolwandle Zondi

Why business cartels thrive in South Africa

The Competition Commission launched its investigation into the sale of school uniforms after parents filed complaints about exorbitant prices

Steve Biko’s letter and the sale of SA’s heritage to the highest bidder

A leading European autograph and manuscript auction house will be selling a piece of South African heritage that should be in governmental archives.

UCT, Professor Mamokgethi Phakeng and accusations of fake qualifications

Just nine months into her appointment, two UCT alumni sent a string of emails alleging her qualifications are fake

Izwi Lami: A tech tool for rape survivors

Health-e News has started an SMS platform where survivors, particularly in rural areas, can receive professional counselling.

Mngxitama on Holocaust tweets: I’m just paraphrasing Helen Zille

“I wanted to show the hypocrisy and double standard that black suffering is totally disregarded and in fact it’s encouraged,” he told The Daily Vox.

Unfair practices against black and female lawyers are ‘plain for everybody to see’

"We have a longstanding problem within the legal profession where black people are not getting a fair share of the work available out there."

Mob justice: ‘Yes, I would join in to protect my community’

The Daily Vox asked Jo'burgers what their thoughts are on vigilantism and whether the death penalty should be brought back

School taxi accident: ‘These children were too young to have died the way they did’

Irene Simelane, who lost her grandniece in the fatal accident, speaks to The Daily Vox's Nolwandle Zondi about the moment her fears were confirmed.

Why are our schools unsafe for LGBTQI+ children?

Young people already face a great deal of pressure as they navigate the transition from childhood to adulthood.

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