Owen Bowcott

On the trail of torture

By day Lazoghly Square, in Cairo, is a fume-filled circus of honking taxis and frustrated drivers. By night, the heavily guarded entrance to the Ministry of the Interior is one of the most feared addresses in Egypt. Here detainees are routinely tortured.

New hope for Egypt’s minority

To enter the shrine of St George, pilgrims must remove their shoes -- or ''shose'' as the sign describes them. Rugs cover the stone floor. The impression is of being inside a mosque.

New Afghan exodus looms

A fresh exodus of Afghan refugees could be triggered as early as next month if the United Nations agency assisting in their resettlement runs out of funds and is forced to suspend its aid programme, Western donor nations are being warned.

Journalist’s trial starts in Harare

The Guardian's correspondent in Zimbabwe, Andrew Meldrum, was put on trial in Harare on Wednesday accused of publishing a false story in a test case for the state's restrictive media laws. If convicted he could face up to two years in prison.

Guardian journalist arrested in Harare

THE Guardian's correspondent in Zimbabwe, Andrew Meldrum, was arrested in Harare on Wednesday for writing a story that allegedly breached the government's punitive media laws.

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