Owen Gibson

Napster takes on Apple’s iPod

Digital media company Napster last week unveiled a portable subscription service that it claimed would ''change the music industry forever'' and allow it to compete more effectively in its increasingly bitter battle with Apple's market-leading iTunes. Napster To Go will give the company a significant point of difference from Apple, allowing subscribers to rent songs from its catalogue of 1,3-million tracks.

Napster rises from the ashes

Three years ago it took only one word to strike fear into the heart of even the most complacent and bloated record company executive -- Napster. Now the music download service that threw the entire industry into a frenzied bout of cost-cutting and consternation is back, and this time it is legal. Owen Gibson meets the man launching a new spin on digital downloads.

Geeks meet Wall Street

Strange days indeed at the Googleplex, the Silicon Valley home of half the assorted collection of self-styled geeks who make up Google's 1 000-strong global workforce. For at least two years Internet pundits have been trying to second-guess when it would list. Users and company insiders fear that Google's innovation will be sacrificed when the company goes public

Industry getting to grips with file-swapping

Major record labels have realised that the only way to beat internet file-swapping is to make legal, pay-per-download sites more attractive. But is it too little, too late, asks Owen Gibson.

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