Owen Gibson

Massive spending is over, say City

Uefa has warned that clubs that fail to live within their means will have to "face the consequences" under its new rules.

Sepp Blather does it again

Anger over Fifa president's remarks about gay football fans in Qatar.

A Cup winner

Britain's FA TV has been a success with fans who want inside access to England's camp. <b>Owen Gibson</b> reports.

Coming soon to a TV near you: ‘vu vu horn’-free commentary

The BBC is investigating transmitting "vuvuzela-free" World Cup coverage, as broadcasters were inundated with complaints about the plastic horn.

John Terry’s captaincy uncertain

John Terry has pleaded his case to Fabio Capello's staff and should soon know whether he will retain the England captaincy.

Dubai’s end game

Sports stars feel the squeeze as Dubai runs out of cash, with developments they endorsed now under threat.

Why Usain Bolt strides ahead

Years passed between Carl Lewis setting a new 100m record in 1991 and Usain Bolt going faster in 2008, but the Jamaican has now reduced the record.

Big racket over Andy Murray

Andy Murray, who could become the first British man to win Wimbledon since 1936, was not the only one feeling the pressure as the tournament got going

eBay changes aim for fewer critics and more sellers

eBay will unveil sweeping changes on Wednesday to encourage more fixed-price sellers as part of a wider attempt to transform the business.

Right place, right time

Although Google's motto is "don't be evil", the setting couldn't more closely resemble a Bond villain's lair. Amid rolling English countryside in the county of Hertfordshire, a country house hotel is playing host to the company's Zeitgeist conference.

TV prepares to join the peer-to-peer party

Some technology boffins predict that the way we watch television will change irrevocably. Technology has already turned huge international industries upside down. When the peer-to-peer file sharing service Kazaa appeared, it sent music companies into a panic. Kazaa was followed by the internet phone service Skype, which quickly attracted millions of users and was sold to eBay for £1,3-billion.

Anderson’s long tail

Heads or tails? The editor-in-chief of the Silicon Valley bible Wired, and the man who has written the clearest explanation yet of the shift from the one-size-fits-all, mass-media world to a diverse, complex world of millions of niches, is keeping both options covered.

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