Dominic Fifield

Hughes is in Chelsea’s sights

The former Chelsea player has overseen impressive progress at Stoke City in recent seasons.

Why Arsenal and Chelsea imploded in the Champions League

There's no way Wenger could have known Ospina would pick that night to make such a grisly error or that Chelsea would show such a "lack of composure".

No more keeping quiet for Courtois

The young Belgian goalkeeper is thoroughly enjoying playing for José Mourinho after his three loan years at Atlético Madrid.

Matic’s Chelsea return a no-brainer

After reinventing himself as a physical defensive midfielder at Benfica, Serbian Nemanja Matic jumped at a chance to re-enter the Premier League fold.

The case for and against Di Matteo

After helping Chelsea to an epic win over Barcelona in the Champions League, Roman Abramovic might still not be convinced of the Italian's talents.

Bale still confident

Gareth Bale, Tottenham Hotspurs's flying winger, has set his sights on getting the North Londoners back into the Uefa Champions League.

Life’s good for Ancelotti after Chelsea

Chelsea's former manager tells <strong>Dominic Fifield</strong> he feels no bitterness over his swift and silent exit.

Terry talks of coaching ambitions

The England and Chelsea captain says becoming a manager is his 'overall aim'.

A bad case of déjà vu for Arsenal

Robin van Persie was digesting the imminent prospect of two influential midfielders departing the Emirates Stadium when his thoughts focused in.

Chelsea won’t appeal Drogba ban

Chelsea will waive a potential appeal and accept the two-match ban imposed on Didier Drogba by Uefa following his dismissal in the Champions League.

Chelsea target Torres after Euro exit

Chelsea are drawing up plans to reshape their squad after being knocked out of the Champions League this week.

John Terry’s captaincy uncertain

John Terry has pleaded his case to Fabio Capello's staff and should soon know whether he will retain the England captaincy.

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