Steven Morris

Briton Andy Green to attempt 1000mph land-speed record

'I will travel faster than a bullet', says action hero Andy Green, who can't wait for the 'greatest engineering adventure in motorsport' to start.

Dewani will be kept safe and properly treated, says SA

The South African government says Shrien Dewani will be properly cared for should he be extradited to face trial over his wife's murder.

Dewani one step closer to extradition

The prospect of Shrien Dewani being flown to South Africa to face trial for the murder of his wife, Anni, moved a step closer this week.

Dewani case: How grieving husband became suspect

Claims of police torture and rapid plea bargains by under-pressure crime unit raise questions over Anni Dewani murder.

Bullied nerd in the fight of his life

WikiLeaks hacker who yearned for attention is facing the wrath of the establishment.

Coming soon to a TV near you: ‘vu vu horn’-free commentary

The BBC is investigating transmitting "vuvuzela-free" World Cup coverage, as broadcasters were inundated with complaints about the plastic horn.

The hottest squat in town

You step through scarlet curtains into a dining room lit gently with candles and decorated with black-and-white photographs.

Steam-powered car aims at 1906 speed record

Inspiration is a steam-powered car built in the United Kingdom and believed by its designers to be capable of smashing the oldest land-speed record.

UK’s veggie seed boom

Not very long ago, the growing of vegetables in the United Kingdom was commonly dismissed as a minority interest for eco-eccentrics and crumbly old allotment holders. But concern for the environment, worries about healthy eating and the credit crunch have led to packets of veg seeds flying off the racks, with sales reportedly rising by up to 60% on last spring.

A price too high?

They are members of a hidden army who inhabit a curious in-between world. Tough, heavily-armed private security guards who love the adrenalin buzz of rubbing along with high-flying businesspeople and contractors. Blue collar workers trying to make a quick buck. This is the world of a foreign legion working, living, surviving, in what has become the most dangerous country in the world.

Caffeine clean

Help may be at hand for the sort of person who is in such a rush that they don't have time both to shower and drink a cappuccino -- a caffeinated bar of soap. The manufacturers claim that as a person lathers him or herself with the Shower Shock soap it releases caffeine that is absorbed into the user's system and provides the same hit as a couple of cups of coffee.

‘Humble hybrid’ on road to success

When the Liverpool footballer Harry Kewell parked his ''greenmobile'' beside his team-mates' Ferraris and Aston Martins he was teased mercilessly over his choice of wheels. But this year's choice for Car of the year has steered Toyota's Prius into the motoring mainstream.

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