Robert Booth

Birmingham laughs off ignorance

A Fox News 'expert' is the butt of all jokes for saying the city is a no-go zone for non-Muslims.

Surfing association vows to weed out drug-takers

A surfing world champion's death has prompted drug-screening of professional surfers, in a move that could wipe out the sport's alternative image.

US security firm targeted in ‘Robin Hood’ hack attack

Hackers from Anonymous say they have "diverted" $500 000 to charity using credit card information of the customers of a US security firm.

Bad weather hinders relief efforts

Japan's humanitarian crisis has intensified, with relief workers being hampered by freezing temperatures and snowfalls.

Corruption hinders efforts to stem trafficking through Ghana

Local drug police sabotage expensive scanning equipment and tip off smugglers to avoid detection.

Fears over West African drugs route

WikiLeaks cables show US concern that cartels are trafficking in the region on a massive scale.

Bullied nerd in the fight of his life

WikiLeaks hacker who yearned for attention is facing the wrath of the establishment.

Jewish state suspected of sabotaging flotilla ships

Two passenger boats sailing to Gaza, as part of the aid flotilla attacked by Israel on Monday, broke down at the same time.

Million-dollar palate

declared Bordeaux's new vintage the best in living memory. But how can they judge wines that won't be ready to drink for another few decades?

Leonardo at the movies

For five centuries Leonardo da Vinci's The Last Supper has stood majestically still on the walls of a Milanese friary's dining hall, the only disturbance the slow flaking of its priceless paint. Now British filmmaker Peter Greenaway has been granted permission to bring to life the hidden stories he sees in the wall painting.

Spliff society

Rastafarian priest Headley Samuel holds up a stem of pungent marijuana and reveals his recipe for bliss: "Fast, breakfast, drink aloe vera and smoke ganja." His routine, which he says takes him to "the highest spiritual realm", makes him a lawbreaker. But soon that may change.

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