Justin Mccurry

Gangsters give crime the finger

And they get prosthetic pinkies to replace the tips of the digits they were forced to cut off.

Outrage at Japan’s ivory sales

Yahoo sold sold an estimated 12 tonnes of elephant tusks and fashioned pieces of ivory on its Japanese auction site

Are these Kim’s ghost ships?

Some of the bodies found on mystery vessels are believed to be those of North Korean soldiers.

Porn star to be featured on Taiwan travel cards to ‘cheer commuters up’

Protests after Japanese star Yui Hatano’s image is printed on Easycard travel cards which can be used on metro and bus routes.

The last kamikaze: Japanese pilots tell how they cheated death

As the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II looms, two would-be suicide pilots described how they prepared to die.

Defectors feel the call of North Korea

For some, the south is a dream turned sour and they are willing to return to their unhappy home.

E-firm profits from slaughter of rare species

Rakuten, the Japanese e-commerce company that owns Play.com and Kobo, is the world's biggest online retailer of elephant ivory and whale meat.

Horseman of the apocalypse

Tokue Hosokawa, a breeder in Fukushima prefecture has braved the high radiation levels to care for his animals.

Meltdown over nuclear mop-up

Workers at the front of Japan's clean-up effort battle contamination, stress and alcohol abuse.

Japan fights Fukushima’s toxic battle

The government will spend billions of yen in an attempt to contain and treat contaminated water.

Calling North Korea’s bluff takes nerve

Analysts say the threats sound familiar but target nations cannot afford to drop their guard.

North Korea keeps flexing its muscles

South's workers barred from crossing the border into industrial complex after North’s latest move.

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