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S Korea’s first female president condemns North’s nuclear activities

South Korea's President Park Geun-hye has called for North Korea to walk away from nuclear weapons and take the "peace and shared development" path.

Three executions in Japan since Shinzo Abe’s appointment

Japan has carried out three executions since its new prime minister was elected – a sign Tokyo will defy pressure to abolish executions.

The A to Z of K-pop

Psy's hit Gangnam Style has taken the Korean pop genre to the top of Western charts. If it is new to you, drop these names and watch these videos.

Lonmin running on empty

The signing of a peace accord on Wednesday has brought little comfort to Lonmin investors - as workers at Marikana mine continue to stay away.

Tsunami and suicides take toll on longevity in Japan

The massive loss of life in last year's tsunami disaster in Japan has trimmed the average life expectancy of the country's women.

Japan gangs up against yakuza in shame campaign

Organised crime in Japan is under threat from new laws that will lead to the naming, shaming and fining of citizens who do business with the yakuza.

Kim Jong-un formally declared N Korea’s ‘supreme leader’

A day after mourners packed Pyongyang to bid adieu to 'Dear Leader' Kim Jong-il, North Korea has completed the transfer of power to his youngest son.

Japan’s whalers accused of taking disaster funds

Japan's whaling fleet has left port under heavy guard, where more clashes are expected with members of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

Who’s your granddaddy now?

He is a prolific artiste who has appeared in more than 350 films, but Shigeo Tokuda gets little recognition in the streets of Tokyo.

K-pop rocks Japan

South Korean bands strike gold in the world's second-largest music market.

Must we destroy our heritage for the sake of economic development?

The <em>M&G</em> Critical Thinking Forum invites you to join us for a debate on the preservation of our heritage versus economic development.

Picking up the pieces

A small town has become a model for recovery after the Japanese tsunami"About 70% of our customers died or were made homeless in the tsunami.

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