Tania Branigan

Uphill battle for Chinese feminists

Sexual discrimination is deeply entrenched in China, but a few brave women are fighting back.

​Tiananmen Square protests and crackdown – 25 years on

As Beijing seeks to quell discussion of the 1989 event, three protesters and an expert on politics discuss how the massacre has shaped today's China.

Female graduate wins first gender bias lawsuit in China

A young women has been awarded a settlement of R55 000 in a Chinese court for workplace gender discrimination, but she still didn't get the job.

China’s slow thaw on single mums

In a country where unwed mothers have to pay a fine, attitudes are starting to liberalise.

Sino-US talks nosedive over Japan

Economic co-operation meeting fizzles as air space dispute dominates Biden’s trip to China.

Cloudfunding: R325m to make it rain in China

China is spending almost R325-million to trigger rain artificially, which will help farmers whose crops are suffering in scorching summer weather.

Swift trial expected for China’s Bo Xilai

The popular politician's hearing will likely last only a few hours and have a predictable result.

China throws the book at Bo Xilai

The disgraced politician 'took advantage of the privileges of his office to gain benefits for others'.

Jia Zhangke: I’ll break China’s silence

Jia Zhangke challenges his compatriots’ deeply ingrained reluctance to speak about injustice and uses his films to ­feature them.

Long division pares down Korean dream

Younger South Koreans worry that merging the North and South could crush their successful society.

Long division pares down dream of a unified Korea

Younger South Koreans worry that merging the countries would crush their successful society.

Calling North Korea’s bluff takes nerve

Analysts say the threats sound familiar but target nations cannot afford to drop their guard.

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