Tania Branigan

Kim Jong-un warns troops of possible war with South Korea

North Korea leader Kim Jong-un has urged troops to be on alert for a potential war, media reported, in its latest response following UN sanctions.

Provocative North Korean nuclear test puts China in a corner

China is likely to agree to new sanctions on its ally, North Korea as its frustration grows after it defied bans to conduct its third nuclear test.

Do and dye, China’s elders hang on

Elders keep a tight rein on the country's leaders because they have to guard their place in history as well as their families' financial interests.

China’s welfare success up for debate

As China prepares for its leadership transition, state media has hailed a "golden decade" under the incumbents.

Soldiering on amid duality

At just 43, Jin Xing's life has spanned numerous roles, two continents and, most famously, both genders.

Ye Shiwen: For the record

China's teenage swimming sensation has ascribed her stunning Olympic success to the quality training she has received since childhood.

China hits back over US claims of satellite hacking

An American security commission has been accused of ulterior motives in claiming that US satellites were targeted by Chinese hackers.

Paul’s death ‘distinctly murky’

No sooner had death's tentacles slackened their grip on Paul's squidgy body, when the first conspiracy theory emerged.

Japan tries to quell Chinese outrage

The detention of captain Zhan Qixiong has sparked overwhelming anti-Japanese sentiment.

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