Josh Halliday

Google warns on China’s attempts to control the internet

Executive chairperson of Google Eric Schmidt has described China as "the most egregious" example of a nation attempting to control the internet.

Google music streaming could boost industry, says Universal executive

Google is understood to be in negotiations with major music labels over launching a streaming service, similar to Spotify, later this year.

Twitter directors launch new online sharing sites

Ev Williams and Biz Stone have launched two new websites in what they hope will prompt an "evolutionary leap" in online sharing.

Google faces new Street View data controversy

Google faces a fresh privacy blunder after it admitted it had not deleted all the private data, including emails and passwords, it secretly collected.

Apple unleashes Mountain Lion

Apple has released the latest version of its Mac operating system, dubbed OS X Mountain Lion.

New chief must revive Yahoo’s yodel

Marissa Mayer is taking her talent for revenue enhancement from Google to the competition. Josh Halliday & Charles Arthur report.

Microsoft buys Yammer for $1.2-billion

Microsoft's acquisition of Yammer has stepped up the software giant's battle with Google for the future of technology in the workplace.

Old fox no longer ‘fit to rule’

The head of a global media empire Rupert Murdoch has been singled out for fierce criticism by parliamentarians in Britain.

From Fukushima to Charlie Sheen — the Twitter hashtags that dominated 2011

Twitter has revealed its top hashtags of 2011, showing what the world's tweeters had on their mind.

#Egypt leads Twitter’s top hashtags of 2011

From Charlie Sheen to the Arab Spring, Twitter has revealed the most talked about #hashtag topics for 2011, with events in Egypt leading the pack.

Facebook takes on location-sharing market with Gowalla

Facebook has confirmed it is stepping up its assault on the potentially lucrative location-sharing market with the acquisition of Gowalla.

Facebook games firm Zynga to raise $1bn from IPO

Producer of <i>Farmville</i> and <i>Mafia Wars</i> will become third-largest US gaming firm at $7-billion market cap if it succeeds.

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