Josh Halliday

Groupon in fake watch scandal

Groupon has admitted it inadvertently sold fake Tissot watches through its Chinese joint venture.

China hits back over US claims of satellite hacking

An American security commission has been accused of ulterior motives in claiming that US satellites were targeted by Chinese hackers.

Damage control: Mea culpa, says glum BlackBerry maker

Research In Motion's UK boss has admitted the company was too slow to update customers during the massive disruption to its network last week.

Google+ public launch takes battle to Facebook and Twitter

Search engine firm's latest foray into social networking already has 20-million users and one billion items shared.

Google+ launch: Search giant closes 10 products

The "fall spring clean" follows a pledge by Larry Page to rid the company of inefficiencies after he took over as chief executive in April.

Wall Street Journal faces backlash over WikiLeaks rival

The <i>Wall Street Journal</i> is facing a backlash from web security and privacy experts over its WikiLeaks-inspired whistleblowers' site, SafeHouse.

YouTube to launch movie rental service

Under the premium movie-on-demand service, film lovers will be able to stream new releases for as little as $2.

iPad 2: Thinner, lighter and faster

Apple remains ahead of the pack with the iPad 2, which offers faster web browsing, better graphics – and a really clever cover.

Google demotes ‘low-quality’ websites in search overhaul

Change will affect about 12% of Google search queries in the US in move designed to tackle so-called "content farms".

Egypt is al-Jazeera’s promised land

al-Jazeera English has new-found global popularity, a further sign that the West may be losing its grip on international news.

Anonymous claims to have Stuxnet access

The "hacktivist" group Anonymous claims to have access to the computer virus reportedly developed as a joint Israeli-US cyber attack against Iran.

iPhones and iPads are vulnerable to six-minute hack

Researchers say hack targeting Apple's password management system poses serious security threat to businesses

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