Josh Halliday

Hackers raise stakes in cyber war

The cyber war that has erupted over the WikiLeaks disclosures rose to new heights last weekend as hackers shattered the security of the Gawker sites.

Washington puts washer on WikiLeaks

The White House is suspected of coordinating a revenge operation and big firms have severed their WikiLeaks ties, but "mirror sites" multiply.

Facebook could ‘fragment’ web

Founder of world wide web says that some of the most successful social networking sites "have begun to chip away at its principles".

LimeWire: Will users turn to legal alternatives?

Experts argue that music industry must educate consumers about value of legal services after demise of filesharing site.

Microsoft: Infected computers should be quarantined

Virus-infected computers should be blocked from the internet and kept in quarantine until they are given a "health certificate".

Facebook fraud a ‘major issue’

Site says it is developing new ways to verify users' identities and detect when their accounts have been hacked.

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