Ed Pilkington

Donald Trump: All Muslims should be banned from entering US

Republican frontrunner wants "total and complete shutdown" of borders to Muslims after San Bernardino shooting in latest boundary-pushing proposal.

Trump trashed, Carson wounded in decisive debate

Mainstream US Republican presidential hopefuls such as Rand Paul and Jeb Bush snatch back control from populist ‘outsider’ candidates.

Snowden gets a handle on Twitter

“I used to work for the government. Now I work for the public”

American politics still in thrall to racist views

A former top Obama aide speaks out on the factor of racism in the opposition to president Barack Obama.

Exoneration a bitter pill after 30 years on death row

Glenn Ford, the longest-serving death row inmate in the US, has been exonerated of his murder charge and freed from prison.

Boston bombings: Case against the Boston Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

Surveillance cameras reveal how the Tsarnaev brothers calmly planted and detonated pressure-cooker bombs.

Obama’s immigration drive

Barack Obama has been bent on opening a pathway to citizenship for foreigners, even illegal ones.

Pain of getting hooked on ‘hillbilly heroin’ crushes developed world

It began with doctors trying to help their patients but has turned into an epidemic of addiction. Ed Pilkington reports.

Opportunity knocks for Romney’s crew

Obama has a variety of different routes to victory on November 6, but Romney's hopes are next to moribund unless he wins in Ohio.

BBC’s blind eye to sexual predation causes furore

The BBC is in the middle of a growing scandal involving a television host who was once one of its highest-profile stars.

Obama cracks the digital whip

On the online political battlefield, US president Barack Obama beats his rival for the hands down, write Ed Pilkington & Amanda Michel.

Minorities change US demographics

More than half the babies under the age of one are now likely to be Hispanic, black or Asian, writes Ed Pilkington.

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