/ 7 December 2011

From Fukushima to Charlie Sheen — the Twitter hashtags that dominated 2011

From Fukushima To Charlie Sheen The Twitter Hashtags That Dominated 2011

From Charlie Sheen to the Arab spring, Twitter has revealed its most talked-about hashtag topics for 2011.

The top hashtag this year was #egypt, following the downfall of president Hosni Mubarak in February. The second most popular was #tigerblood — the phrase coined by Sheen following his acrimonious axing from hit US sitcom Two and a Half Men in March.

News events dominated Twitter’s hashtags this year, including the Japanese earthquake in March, the Egyptian revolution and the Super Bowl.

Sheen was the most tweeted about actor of 2011, according to Twitter, as he quickly attracted millions of followers on the social network amid the media frenzy around his high-profile firing. The momentous downfall of Mubarak, which many saw as the tipping point for the Arab spring uprising, was the most talked-about news story of the year on Twitter.

Top hashtags of 2011

1 #egypt

2 #tigerblood

3 #threewordstoliveby

4 #idontunderstandwhy

5 #japan

6 #improudtosay

7 #superbowl

8 #jan25

Top world news stories of 2011 on Twitter

1 Mubarak’s resignation

2 Raid on Osama bin Laden

3 Japanese earthquake and Fukushima nuclear disaster

4 Shooting of Gabrielle Giffords

5 Colonel Gaddafi’s death

6 Swine flu outbreak

Top 10 actors, according to Twitter

1 Charlie Sheen

2 Macaulay Culkin

3 Ryan Dunn

4 Ricky Gervais

5 Pete Postlethwaite

6 Tracy Morgan

7 Jake Gyllenhaal

8 Ashton Kutcher

9 Colin Firth

10 James Franco

Top 10 actresses, according to Twitter

1 Elizabeth Taylor

2 Mila Kunis

3 Anne Hathaway

4 Raven Symone

5 Natalie Portman

6 Elisabeth Sladen

7 Jennifer Lopez

8 Nina Dobrev

9 Emma Watson

10 Fernanda Vasconcellos

Top 5 music topics

1 Rebecca Black and Friday

2 Nate Dogg

3 Femme Fatale

4 Gerry Rafferty

5 Gil Scott-Heron