Kate Connolly

Mein Kampf: Strange tales of the world’s most dangerous book

It's been used as business management manuals to toilet paper. But despite its purposes as a pick-up device, Mein Kampf is a definite flop.

Auschwitz survivor: ‘We had no rights but a fierce determination to survive’

An Auschwitz survivor who lost 119 members of her family in the Holocaust, has confronted a former SS guard, appealing to him to take responsibility.

Touring Bowie’s Berlin

After the surprise release of the singer's first single in more than a decade, Kate Connolly tours the city that inspired his trilogy of albums.

Merkel: Chancellor who shops with the people

Angela Merkel's popularity hinges to a large extent on her down-to-earth approach and according to the latest poll her popularity rating is 61%.

Markets rally after Germany’s ruling on eurozone rescue fund

Angela Merkel says Germany has sent a powerful message to the rest of Europe and beyond after its decision on the creation of a rescue fund.

What it feels like to be old

An innovative suit gives medical students an idea of what the elderly experience in their daily lives, writes Kate Connolly.

Germany’s Muslim, Jewish leaders team up to fight circumcision ruling

Jewish and Muslim leaders have united in their condemnation of a German court's decision to in effect outlaw the circumcision of boys.

The Führer’s tentative return to Berlin

A ground-breaking exhibition about Adolf Hitler has explored the relationship between the Führer and the German nation.

Paul’s death ‘distinctly murky’

No sooner had death's tentacles slackened their grip on Paul's squidgy body, when the first conspiracy theory emerged.

Milking sleep-deprived

Melatonin-loaded milk taken from cows at night said to alleviate insomnia.

Immigrants Germany loves to hate

Chancellor Angela Merkel's remarks about the 'failure of multiculturalism' in the country suggest a shift in attitude to foreigners.

Donate your organs …for dinner

Would you sacrifice your testicles, stomach fat or ears for high-class cuisine?

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