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Japan weighs up fallout after nuclear company’s bungling

Japan's government is reportedly ready to consider nationalising the operator of the crippled power plant.

Fears of food contamination in Japan

The operation to cool the reactors at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant has suffered a setback.

Nuclear firm admits missing safety checks

The power plant at the centre of the biggest civilian nuclear crisis in Japan's history contained far more spent fuel rods than it was designed to.

Bad weather hinders relief efforts

Japan's humanitarian crisis has intensified, with relief workers being hampered by freezing temperatures and snowfalls.

High praise for brave nuke fighters

People left behind to fight the nuclear meltdown at Fukushima are anonymous heroes.

Japan tries to quell Chinese outrage

The detention of captain Zhan Qixiong has sparked overwhelming anti-Japanese sentiment.

Failed footballers flayed

England's failed footballers are lucky that their ignominious World Cup exit was met with less more than a public mauling by the media.

Tit for tat cheats North Koreans of World Cup

North Koreans must have relished the prospect of a rare glimpse of life on the outside and the chance to watch their team play in the World Cup.

The fairy-tale prince who became no-show Akio

When Akio Toyoda became president of Toyota in June last year, he promised to steer it through its "worst crisis in a century".

First loss for Toyota in 70 years

The crisis facing the world's car industry deepened as Toyota revealed it was on course to record its first operating loss in more than 70 years.

North Korea in nuclear U-turn

Pyongyang has announced plans to allow US and international monitors to resume inspections of nuclear facilities.

Japan’s quest for a zero-waste community

The tiny village if Kamikatsu, in the densely wooded mountains of Shikoku island in south-west Japan, has a new obsession: rubbish.

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