Steven Morris
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/ 30 April 2007

Caffeine clean

Help may be at hand for the sort of person who is in such a rush that they don’t have time both to shower and drink a cappuccino — a caffeinated bar of soap. The manufacturers claim that as a person lathers him or herself with the Shower Shock soap it releases caffeine that is absorbed into the user’s system and provides the same hit as a couple of cups of coffee.

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/ 3 September 2004

Notting Hill Carnival clings to its soul

The doom-mongers may complain that commercial pressures and a growing reluctance to annoy the posh neighbours are stealing the soul of the Notting Hill Carnival. But though the weather was more autumnal than Caribbean, the crowds flocked back to the festival as it celebrated its 40th birthday from August 28 to 29. The event drew a crowd of an estimated one million people.

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/ 24 February 2004

Chinese heritage site is falling down

Two-thirds of the Great Wall of China has been destroyed by sightseers, developers and erosion, Beijing’s state-run media has reported in a warning that the world heritage site is crumbling out of existence. Survey teams are said to have found large new breaches in the ramparts, which are believed to have once stretched almost 6 400km.