Jonathan Watts

Great party, shame about the legacy

Despite a frightening list of problems there is confidence that Rio will be ready for the Olympic Games – but long-term benefits are in doubt.

Rousseff’s supporters play for time

The beleagured Workers’ Party believes people will tire quickly of the opposition leaders.

Dilma Rousseff: Brazilian congress votes to impeach president

Government concedes after lower house overwhelmingly backs move to remove Rousseff, who now faces vote in senate.

Brazil’s games are in a ‘bad phase’

Six months before Rio de Janeiro hosts the next Olympics, the country is struggling with a Zika epidemic and political and economic woes

Bomb victims seek a world with no nukes

Survivors of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki attacks are campaigning to halt Brazil's nuclear plans.

Peru hostages rescued after 25 years

The 13 adults and 26 children had been used as slaves in remote mountain communities.

Maradona echoes approval for the arrests of Fifa’s ‘old bastards!’

From Diego Maradona’s delight to the denials of regional football bosses, Latin America has lapped up the unfolding Fifa corruption scandal.

Child (10) denied an abortion

“The first step that should be taken in pregnancies of girls under 13 should be an abortion,” say activists.

Odds stacked against Brazil leader

Dilma Rousseff goes into her second term facing greater challenges than her first time around.

Will Brazilians say Neves again?

The left has run the country since 2003, but now is presented with a very real threat from the conservative elite.

People’s cup but politician’s stage

The 2014 World Cup has seen unprecedented levels of outrage and debate over poverty, Fifa, commercialism … and occasionally football.

Brazil’s ‘chainsaw queen’ has axe to grind

The rise of powerful politician Katia Abreu, who disregards green issues, has alarmed Brazilian environmentalists.

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