Jonathan Watts

Colombia bites the hands that feed

The bid by aggrieved farmers to starve out the state has been met with tanks and troops ahead of the presidential election on May 25.

Less Lenin for Maduro, and more Lennon

Venezuela's leader Nicolás Maduro says he'd join the protests he is trying to suppress, were they not right-wing ploys.

Tens of thousands join teachers’ protest in Rio

This week's teachers march in Brazil's Rio de Janeiro has drawn the biggest turnout since the wave of protests during the Confederations Cup in June.

Pope’s innocence questioned

The church and Pope Francis have been accused of complicit silence during Argentina's 'dirty war'.

Brazilian soap opera beats politics

The last episode of Avenida Brasil was a melodrama

Poor Amazonians cursed with riches

A petro-giant is sweet-talking Amazonian villagers blessed with land that has resources worth billions. Jonathan Watts reports.

Big ideas at sideshow to Rio+20

Only one thing unites those at the People's Summit -- unhappiness over the status quo, writes Jonathan Watts.

Alarm bells ring over activist death toll

A new Global Witness report has revealed that environmental activists were killed at the rate of more than two a week in 2011.

Black cloud over China’s green growth

China making huge strides in using green energy but coal consumption continues to increase.

‘Another 20 to 30 years’ of unhealthy air for China’s city dwellers

A haze expert has warned that despite recent moves to tighten controls on air pollution in urban China, dangerous smog will persist for decades.

Villagers in Chinese land dispute plead for help

Chinese villagers have called on their government to intervene in a bloody land dispute that has claimed at least one life so far.

China uneasy over US-Australia troop deal

Beijing fears a policy of encirclement as US President Barack Obama announces plans to begin stationing 2 500 troops in northern Australia.

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