Uki Goni

Fake weddings: More fun than the real thing

Guests get all of the fun of a big party with none of the commitment.

Pope’s innocence questioned

The church and Pope Francis have been accused of complicit silence during Argentina's 'dirty war'.

Argentina nationalises oil firm

Critics say Argentina's takeover of an oil firm is a smokescreen to mask the country's rampant social and economic woes.

Football heaven in Argentina

It is, almost literally, football heaven. In Argentina football fans take their allegiance to the club very seriously. But now the fans of the Boca Juniors club can take their allegiance all the way to the grave -- because a part of a peaceful cemetery, about 30km south of Buenos Aires, has been opened exclusively for Boca fans.

Uncovering the truth

It was called the Athletic Club but what went on in its basement in the San Telmo district of Buenos Aires has no place in a sporting manual. About 1 500 young men and women considered opponents of the military government in Argentina between 1976 and 1983 were tortured and murdered there.

Hopeless in Buenos Aires

GLUM faces and empty pockets have turned Buenos Aires - once a cheery tribute to political incorrectness where wolf-whistling at women and hurling abuse at fellow motorists were accepted as natural behaviour on its streets - into a shadow of its former self.

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