Jonathan Watts

Chinese dams drown livelihoods

345 000 people are being relocated in a desperate bid to ease Beijing's drought crisis by transfusing water from the Yangtze basin

Not even enough fuel for cremation

An estimated 10 000 people have died in Ishinomaki. <b>Jonathan Watts</b> finds a desperate effort to feed the living as the bodies pile up.

China to tax heavy polluters

China is to impose an environmental tax on heavy polluters under an ambitious clean-up strategy being finalised in Beijing.

Power crunch brings home China’s dilemma

No TV. No internet. No air conditioning. Traffic lights off. Hospitals deprived of electricity.

An old villain might just become the hero of the day

For the first time the government in Beijing has put a hefty value on its forest ecosystems.

Collaboration is key

At the heart of many of the most successful Corporate Social Investment (CSI) initiatives is collaboration.

Next move in game of Chinese chequers

With just days to go before the Copenhagen climate talks, the world waits for China to set its carbon target.

A pearl in the rough

There is, at least, one green super skyscraper in China's new concrete jungle.

Korea’s big green deal

South Korea's secretary for future vision is considering how many of his people it takes to change a million lightbulbs. No joke.

Powerhouse hopes to stand firm in financial storm

China looks likely to emerge stronger in the weakened financial system after weathering its own crises of unrest in Tibet and the Sichuan earthquake.

Olympics: It’s about losing too

The message to a distraught Chinese public, still reeling from withdrawal of the nation's biggest sporting hero, could not have been clearer.

The fake and the glory

''I want to help the Olympics. It is just a small thing, but I want to make a contribution'' says one of the cheerleaders bussed in to fill empty seats.

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