Alison Rourke

Australia PM Julia Gillard: It will be easier for the next woman

A teary-eyed Julia Gillard conceded to her Labour Party rival Kevin Rudd, and talked about what her term as prime minister might mean for other women.

Law suits stoke anger over tobacco brands

The world's biggest tobacco company have gone to court in order to prevent the Australian government from forcing them to sell in unbranded packets.

Pesticides threaten the great reef

The Great Barrier Reef in Australia has been put in danger due to farmers using a pesticide, environmental groups warn.

Kevin Rudd ‘massacred’ in Oz leadership challenge

Julia Gillard will remain Australia's prime minister after winning the resounding backing of her Labour party in a leadership challenge by Kevin Rudd.

China uneasy over US-Australia troop deal

Beijing fears a policy of encirclement as US President Barack Obama announces plans to begin stationing 2 500 troops in northern Australia.

Too much TV may shorten your life

Watching too much television could shorten your life, a study suggests.

Carbon tax outrage darkens Labor’s future

They call Wollongong "carbon central", but in Australia's polarised climate change debate, this mining hub is not central at all.

Photo finish for Aussie election

With polling day on Saturday, Australia's first woman prime minister is working overtime to overcome a strong challenge for her opposer.

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