P Parameswaran
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/ 29 May 2007

No world compromise on whaling for Japan

Japan offered a compromise on Monday to break an impasse over its controversial plan to lift a 20-year moratorium of commercial whale hunting, but it was flatly rejected by the other key powers. The failure to end the deadlock threw the already polarised 75-nation International Whaling Commission into disarray.

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/ 28 May 2007

Ban on commercial whaling under threat

Officials from 75 nations on Monday begin talks critical to whale conservation amid pressure — notably from Japan — to lift a 20-year ban on commercial hunting of the gentle giants. The United States is reportedly under increasing pressure to compromise with Japan, which together with Norway and Iceland wants to end the moratorium.

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/ 2 February 2006

US considers Security Council referral for N Korea

North Korea’s reluctance to return to the negotiating table over its nuclear weapons programme has fuelled speculation the United States may seek to refer the Stalinist state, like Iran, to the United Nations Security Council. Christopher Hill, the chief US negotiator to the nuclear talks, said that Washington might consider other options if North Korea stayed away from the stalled negotiations.

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/ 7 October 2005

US Congress holds hearing on India’s caste system

The United States Congress held an unprecedented hearing on Thursday on India’s Dalits, once known as the ”untouchables,” highlighting what it calls a key human rights issue in the world’s largest democracy. About 200-million of India’s estimated population of a billion people are Dalits, occupying the bottom rung in Hinduism’s 2 500-year-old caste system.