Paddy Harper

EFF says it won’t vote with ANC in any municipality

Deals with the Inkatha Freedom Party deliver small towns, but metros remain beyond the ruling party’s reach

IFP-ANC agreement breaks deadlock in 21 hung KwaZulu-Natal councils

ANC president Cyril Ramaphosa is understood to have been part of talks that swung the agreement, which is a ‘governance plan’ rather than a coalition

MPs call for forensic probe into Ingonyama Trust Board finances

Land entity gets an unqualified audit but parliament remains unimpressed

Apartheid truths die with De Klerk

The regime’s last president may have ushered in democracy but he refused to take responsibility for the deeds of his National Party government

Local elections: As the portraits come down, the Comrades count the cost

Burning a city and asking its residents to vote for you appears to have been a bit of a stretch for Durban’s electorate

The future is coalitions as parties battle it out for your municipality

After a dismal showing at the polls, all the major parties – with some smaller kingmakers – will now begin the horse-trading to run your municipality

EFF ready for coalitions talks, says Malema

Steady growth and an increase in its number of seats make the Economic Freedom Fighters a potential kingmaker in councils across South Africa

ANC prepares for coalition talks — and is open to talking to ‘everybody’

Hung municipal councils, most crucially in several metros, mean the ANC will have to find partners to be able to govern

LGE 2021: The IFP is the biggest winner in KwaZulu-Natal

The Inkatha Freedom Party is on track to take control of five of the province’s 11 district municipalities

A vote in remembrance of Durban’s ‘Marchbishop’

The Denis Hurley Centre has helped restore the franchise to 250 homeless people living in Durban’s ward 28

Homeless but not voteless in ward 28

Durban’s Denis Hurley centre is assisting homeless people to register and to vote

Steenhuisen under pressure as DA gets buyer’s remorse

A poor election result, on top of concerns over his leadership style, may see John Steenhuisen follow in Mmusi Maimane’s footsteps

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