Paddy Harper

ANC top brass reluctant to work with the EFF

The ANC has reportedly received assurances from smaller parties about continuing existing coalitions, but its top leaders are hesitant to work with Julius Malema

Politicians declare truce in the ‘war’ against Covid-19 for local polls

But Paddy Harper is afraid that pre-polling ‘superspreader’ meetings could lead to a rise in infections

Absolutely No Current on Thabo Mbeki Restoration Tour

Zizi, who was made a pariah in the ANC, is now on the party’s campaign trail to try to woo back voters it has lost

The bins get emptied ahead of voting day, but will Pravin and Andre keep the light on?

The Tembisa 10 may be a figment of somebody’s imagination, but Eskom’s Misery Twins are not

Local government elections: Port Edwards’ residents rely on ‘holy’ water from a church

The Ugu district municipality has, for years, failed to provide a constant source of clean water and parties are pitching their elections campaigns around the crisis

Paddy Harper: Will the Covid-19 cigarette ban come back to burn the ANC?

Flashbacks of nicotine deprivation and not poor service delivery may see a run on the polls on Monday

Paddy Harper: Candidates finally show their heads in the battle for ward 33

No money for posters means fewer politicians leering from the light poles, six months after the polls

Riots leave ugly scars as Richmond braces itself to go the polls

With many job losses caused by the looting and arson of July, the Midlands town faces an uncertain future

Nongoma NFP candidate the latest victim of KwaZulu-Natal’s killing fields

National Freedom Party candidates in the Zululand town have gone into hiding amid fears that they will be targeted next

Sisulu to appeal Umgeni board court ruling

New Water and Sanitation Minister Senzo Mchunu has already started moves to implement the court order and dissolve Sisulu’s interim board

Mission implausible for the DA’s man in Nkandla

Malibongwe Dubazane is contesting all 14 of the IFP-run Nkandla local municipality’s wards

Paddy Harper: On gleeful politicians and headless chickens

Paddy Harper doesn’t know who to vote for yet, since the Dagga Party isn’t contesting his ward, but right now what to order for lunch is a more pressing concern

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