Patrick Bond

Collars and ties mask the real white monopoly capitalism

Only mass civil action will hound this rogues’ gallery of corporate crooks out of town

Opposed to ‘Zuptas’ and ‘WMC’? Learn from SA’s history of anti-corporate resistance

Protest against corporate injustice remains one of South Africa’s greatest strengths.

Brics is not all it’s cracked up to be

Zuma and his cohorts appear to have little understanding of the true nature of the troubled grouping.

Falling BRICS endanger their citizens’ health, starting with Jacob Zuma

“I was poisoned and almost died just because South Africa joined Brics under my leadership,” Zuma told supporters in his native KwaZulu-Natal.

WEF ditched democratic, inclusive pretences by facilitating new G20 privatisation

WEF-Africa's tactic of providing invited spaces for oppressed people, versus disregard for those considered unworthy of being inside, is well-known.

Brics joins the reigning world order

Its pronouncements are meaningless, given the member nations’ proclivity to feed off one another.

Zuma’s speech was full of ‘alternative facts’ rather than a reflection of reality

Jacob Zuma promised radical economic transformation in his 2017 Sona. A lot of what he said in support of this promise is alternative facts.

​Trump can be tripped by sanctions

The president-elect’s policies will rebound on the whole world but there is a way to hit back.

The odds are stacked against the Brics

New alliances with Washington and internal leadership problems are some of the problems that could rock the bloc

​Delinking offers SA some respite

Tighter capital controls could be the answer to the world’s most volatile currency.

Trump’s isolationism: Threats and opportunities for Africa

Donald Trump’s unexpected victory in the US stunned many across the globe.

​Gordhan’s politics of divide-and-rule

It’s easy to see where the minister could raise money if he really wanted to ameliorate poverty.

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