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Cardoso’s last, greatest report

The Maputo City Court was due to deliver its verdict on January 31 in the case of the six men accused of murdering Mozambique's foremost investigative journalist, Carlos Cardoso, in November 2000. Carlitos Rashid and Manuel Fernandes, have confessed to their part in the murder.

The plot thickens at Cardoso trial

At the heart of the trial of six men charged with murdering Mozambican investigative journalist Carlos Cardoso are seven cheques signed by businessman Nyimpine Chissano, the eldest son of President Joaquim Chissano.

Web tightens around Chissano’s son

Almost two years after the violent death of Mozambique's top investigative journalist, Carlos Cardoso, on November 22 2000, the Maputo City Court has begun the trial of the six people charged with his murder.

Five on trial for Carlos Cardoso murder

Five of the six people accused of murdering Mozambique's best-known journalist, Carlos Cardoso, go on trial before the Maputo City Court on Monday. The trial begins almost exactly two years after Cardoso was gunned down on a central Maputo street on November 22 2000.

Estimated worldwide HIV infections: 49 417 513 at 9.05am on Thursday

Early detection: A new diagnostic device that can detect HIV in as little as 20 minutes has received government approval in the United States in what officials described as a major step toward curbing the epidemic.

‘We can’t choose our neighbours’

In August 1980, four months after Zimbabwean independence, Mozambican president Samora Machel made his first visit to the country. At one of the rallies he addressed he showed the crowd the new Zimbabwean flag and said: "This flag covers everyone."

Holiday time in Maputo. Albie Sachs, bound for the beach, opens his car … and it explodes

Moments after the blast, horrified bystanders carry a bloodied, but still conscious Albie Sachs to a waiting car.

Holiday time in Maputo.

Albie Sachs, bound for the beach, opens his car ... and it explodes.

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