Paulina Abramovich

A Chilean woman’s place is in her mine

With a pickaxe, clunky safety boots and the jeans, Isabel Galleguillos has become Chile's first woman with her own open-pit mine.

In Chile, the sharpest eye on Earth is being built

High on the driest desert on the planet, an army of international scientists is assembling earth's most powerful observatory to search for the answers of the universe. Known by its English-language initials Alma -- or ''soul'' in Spanish -- the ambitious radio-telescope array will be the first global astronomical project, a European, United States and Japanese collaboration in which Chile is participating.

$10bn treasure trove sparks gold fever

The claimed discovery of a -billion 18th century treasure trove on Chile's Robinson Crusoe island has touched off an epidemic of gold fever among treasure hunters. The modern-day gold rush began on Monday when Chilean security firm Wagner announced that its ground-scanning robot had located a legendary pirate hideaway containing a lost bounty of jewels and gold coins.

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