Peter Bradshaw

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Degrees of separation

In A Separation, Iranian writer-director Asghar Farhadi takes a scalpel to his bourgeois homeland.

Skyfall: Bond blond versus blond

The 50th anniversary of the big-screen Bond is the right time to pull off something big.

It’s a dog’s life (again)

Frankenweenie, Tim Burton's new movie, is a feature-length treatment of a 1984 short originally rejected by Disney for being too "dark".

Movie of the week: Searching for Sugarman

This mockumentary about Rodriguez is an interesting footnote to a denied cultural history: the history of South Africa's white liberal class.

Movie of the week: Ted

Seth MacFarlane, the creator of TV's Family Guy, has co-written and directed a stoner fantasy-comedy that is cynical and lethargic, sour and dour.

Movie of the week: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

It's a joke that some will find in sacrilegious bad taste. For others, the self-aware craziness is the whole point.

Movie of the week: Magic Mike

Steven Soderbergh's 'Magic Mike' somehow looks like a much darker and more challenging movie than is actually the case.

Movie of the week: The Amazing Spider-Man

Five years after the ropey Spider-Man III crawled out of the multiplex plughole, starring a jaded Tobey Maguire, the reset button has been pressed.

Movie of the week: The Dictator

The Dictator is set to make Peter Sellers's Inspector Clouseau a model of subtlety and sensitivity.

Movie of the week: Wuthering Heights

Director Andrea Arnold and cinematographer Robbie Ryan strip Emily Bront's only novel down to its bare essentials: pain, anger and love.

Banned filmmaker’s most powerful statement

In 2010 Iranian filmmakers Jafar Panahi and Mohammad Rasoulof were sentenced to six years in prison for alleged crimes against national security.

Blood on the sofa

At its best, <em>Carnage </em>is a spiky satire on contemporary bourgeois correctness; at its worst, it;s a strained piece of upscale dinner theatre.

Press Releases

Disrupt the corrupt

Whistle-blowers should be seen as real heroes in the fight against corruption and we need a change in culture for this to happen

Corporates: A force for good for a sustainable future

In order to see people and nature thrive what is required is a strong focus on partnerships – we cannot act alone anymore

Combatting wildlife crime in Southern Africa activity annual programme statement (APS) No. 04

Concept papers are sought for implementating activities, for a multi-faceted programme that aims to reduce poaching and illegal trade in wildlife

The financial decisions made during your life journey, and their impact on your retirement outcome

The longer you save towards retirement the larger your retirement savings are expected to be due to the effect of compounding interest

In conversation with SA Reserve Bank Governer, Lesetja Kganyago

'Make interest rates zero and inflation goes up and then people save less – we need savings to fund investment in this country'

Secure your business from cyber threats

Many business-grade security systems now have built-in learning systems and AI to help businesses stay up to date with protection

Mental Health

During the pandemic there's been a dramatic increase in depression, anxiety and suicides, according to some of the surveys done

Expert financial advice still recommended – especially in uncertain times

A financial advisor is an expert who will help you to protect your wealth and make a realistic plan when unexpected events threaten your wellbeing

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