Peter James Spielmann

Ukraine ex-leader supported Russian soldiers in Crimea

Contradicitng his earlier comments, Ukraine's former president Viktor Yanukovych asked for an intervention in Crimea, says Russia's UN ambassador.

DRC M23 rebels hit with sanctions from UN Security Council

The UN Security Council has voted unanimously to sanction the leaders of the M23 rebel force, which hours earlier occupied the DRC's city of Goma.

In the beginning, there was the verb …

The International Press Freedom Awards for 2005 went to a Chinese editor still imprisoned in his homeland, a Brazilian reporter who could not travel to New York because he is pinned down by lawsuits, an Uzbek journalist in exile, and a Zimbabwean media lawyer. The laureates honoured by the Committee to Protect Journalists have endured beatings, threats and prison as a consequence of their work.

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