Peter Vale

Nusas, justice and rock ‘n roll

Glenn Moss invites us to think of students as agents who can determine their own political destiny

Market killed the university star

A new book provides a useful critique of the impact the economic-centred society is having on the purpose of higher-education institutions.

May I suggest, Deputy Minister

Peter Vale writes an open letter to focus the new incumbent's priorities and tasks.

Championing education as we did the World Cup

If we were able to rise to the occasion of football's greatest spectacle, surely we should be able to focus the same energy in improving education.

Asmal’s biography sheds light on lessons that go unlearned

Kader Asmal's biography prompts questions about how seriously politicians take higher education.

In search of a common language

A journey Down Under is cause for reflection on the kind of legacy prosperity brings.

A complex life well lived

Accomplished philosopher Paul Cilliers still had his best work ahead of him

Academic luggage unpacked

From home renovations to book sales: A week in the life of a relocated academic.

Academic luggage

Diary of a migration from tranquil Rhodes to seething Jo'burg, by <b>Peter Vale</b>.

The humanities in all of us

It may be time to reinsert the liberal arts curriculum into undergraduate degrees argue <b>J Edward Chamberlin and Peter Vale</b>.

Quiet please, academics advancing

The Stellenbosch Institute for Advanced Study is an enclave for research where scholars can explore ideas, think -- and get a good lunch.

Rhodes closure

<b>Peter Vale</b> has been associated with Rhodes University for nearly 40 years. He shares the notes from his diary of his last week there.

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