Peter Vale

Old-world diction, flawed punditry and the fight for Zimbabwe’s future

The single greatest failure of current punditry is the refusal to recognise that context matters.

Apartheid spy Williamson’s dark heart exposed

"Prize-winning journalist Jonathan Ancer’s goal is clear ... He wants to expose the man on the cover in all his infamy to set himself free"

The pressure to publish is punitive: systems that control publishing choke creativity

Publishing in the academic world is extremely important, but why does it seem to be such a long, winding and twisted process?

Say it in plain (African) language

Pam Maseko, a senior lecturer in African language studies at Rhodes, tells Peter Vale about the fight for greater recognition of our languages.

It’s time SA’s foreign policy was driven by ideas (again)

Over the past two decades, it has not been easy for any country – let alone a newly freed one – to understand the rapidly changing world.

The lesson of 2010 has not been learnt

Our education system is crying out for the resources eThekwini's 2022 Commonwealth Games will consume.

What South Africa will be sacrificing by hosting the Commonwealth Games

By investing in the 2022 Commonwealth Games, South Africa will be sacrificing investment in pressing societal needs, such as schooling.

Build new communities of knowledge

Spaces need scholars to deliberate in community and pursue crossdisciplinary work.

A dagger at the heart of varsity study in international relations

Increasingly we live in security states and power lies with those who draw the borders.

Wanted: Leaders to heal SA

We need young people who are not afraid to stick to their convictions and who will put the people first.

The old Wall fell, but new ones rise up

The fall of the Berlin Wall 25 years ago has not led to the better world many hoped its collapse foretold.

‘Fight back!’ Universities must put teaching at their front and centre

What futures do varsities globally have? Peter Vale interviewed Craig Calhoun, director of the London School of Economics and Political Science.

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