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Team SA ready for London Paralympic Games

The 2012 Paralympic Games are due to begin in London on Wednesday, with Natalie du Toit and Oscar Pistorius leading the South African charge.

London prepares to showcase Paralympics

The world's top athletes with a disability meet in London next week for what organisers say will be the biggest Paralympics in the Games' history.

Nothing magical about witchcraft, says Indian state

Chanting to cure snakebites and claiming to be a reincarnated spouse to obtain sex could be banned by an Indian state to protect the vulnerable.

India counts its homeless amid demands for action

India's homeless are being counted as part of the country's mammoth 10-yearly census in an exercise that could help shape future housing policy.

Typewriters still thrive in modernising India

More than a dozen unofficial petition writers can be found hunched over portable typewriters on the same busy pavement of India's financial hub.

Pool quality probed as swimmers fall ill in Delhi

Commonwealth Games organisers launched an investigation into the water quality at the event's pool after reports that over 50 swimmers had fallen ill.

India’s BlackBerry users dismayed over data block threat

Indian BlackBerry users reacted with dismay on Friday to a government threat to block data services on security grounds.

IPL chief suspended amid corruption claims

Indian cricket authorities suspended the driving force behind the Premier League on Monday in a bid to stem an escalating tax and match-fixing crisis.

Death penalty for 2003 Mumbai bombers

An Indian court on Thursday sentenced to death three people, including a married couple, for planting bombs that killed 52 in Mumbai in 2003.

Mumbai attacks trial adjourned after confession

The trial of a gunman from the Mumbai attacks was adjourned on Tuesday to give the prosecution more time to respond to his dramatic confession.

Mumbai attackers ‘were ordered by phone to kill’

Militants who attacked Mumbai were urged to kill their hostages in cold blood, according to transcripts of intercepted phone calls.

Brown takes the blame for election row

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown on Monday said he took ''full responsibility'' for the decision not to call an early election, but rejected claims he had run scared from a possible defeat. Brown told an often rowdy news conference that he had instead opted to wait and take a long-term approach before going to the polls.

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