Philip Machanick


Those of us living in relatively comfortable homes may have been rattled and shaken up but the real deep problem in this country is inequality

What are the various Covid-19 vaccines being used in SA and how well do they work?

The vaccines being used to fight the pandemic take at least two weeks after inoculation to become effective — and nonpharmaceutical interventions remain crucial

Zuma is an example of a wider problem of access to justice

Because the government ignores legitimate complaints and softer forms of protest, and only protest action yields results, we have learned that power trumps the law, despite what the constitution claims. A human rights court could be an answer

The Great Tax(i) Uprising in the Eastern Cape

The unfolding of events at recent protest in Makhanda ended up scoring cheap political points for a select few, while ignoring the real grievances

No vaccine superheroes or supervillains: Fix the system

Is Gates a superhero or a supervillain? That’s the wrong question. The right question is: How it is that one person can have so much influence over world health?

A debt-equity swap will save SAA

Keeping the airline going is worth it for the jobs and related businesses that will be affected if it goes down

No silver bullet for Covid-19, but rather a cocktail

It is no good waiting for a vaccine or ivermectin or other miracle cures, we just need to do what we can do now

Conspiracy theories: Do your research and question ‘facts’

People’s powerful belief in their views, in defiance of specialists in a subject, are amplified by social media and are then viewed as fact — when in fact it’s false

Debunk the lies of anti-vaxxers

There’s more than enough to be suspicious about with Big Pharma, but know your enemy

False hope of ’miracle’ remedies

Some people believe a drug used to treat parasites is a Covid cure. But science, not social media, is the only way to determine its efficacy

The last Trump?

US President Donald Trump may have less than a fortnight left in office, but he’s not done yet — he may well be remembered for destroying the Republican party

Covid vaccines: Hope balanced with caution

As Covid vaccines near the manufacturing stage, a look at two polio vaccines provides valuable historical insights

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