Philip Machanick

It’s time to get real about free higher education

As a country with a developing economy, why are we so obsessed with university?

A name change would be pointless if Rhodes still coddles white supremacy

The facts not in dispute are that Cecil John Rhodes was an “arch-imperialist and white supremacist who treated people of this region as sub-human"

‘Elon Musk’ might only be 95% accurate, but it’s enough to inspire

Machanick reviews the merits of journalist Ashlee Vance's biography of Elon Musk.

​Three Ps against progress

The level of outrage at wrongdoing should be weighted by harm done to the vulnerable. Instead, the Ombud seems more sensitive to harmed privilege

The rise of the independent council candidates who reject conventional authority

There is a growing mood around the world of rejecting conventional authority – Occupy Wall Street, Arab Spring, hashtag protests like #FeesMustFall.

Varsities pull rank – but it’s irrelevant

It’s better to choose a university based on your own criteria and not on its rating.

Fight the state’s systemic rot systematically

The narrow focus on Nkandla misses the point of the rot that lies at the heart of the ANC's patronage engine, writes Philip Machanick.

The case of Charlie: Who exactly is in the right here?

We can condemn the reckless use of free speech by the cartoonists, but the response of the extremists was not justified, writes Philip Machanick.

Boom time for bioinformatics

The new and fast-growing discipline offers a variety of interesting career opportunities.

Soapbox: Time to earn respect

The youth wage subsidy is a shameless populist attempt at grabbing the youth vote, writes Agang SA's Philip Machanick.

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